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Reinvent healthcare management

Connecting licensed medical professionals and facilities to automate the tasks of credentialing, continuing education, and communication.

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Platform Features

Ready Doc™

Ready Doc™ eliminates paperwork and automates the critical task of staying compliant by alerting medical professionals about expiring credentials.

Continuing Medical Education

The Intiva Health platform offers a learning management system with hundreds of courses with automated certification document generation.

Intiva Careers™

Medical professionals with access to over 9,000 positions and includes job search, career matching and digital resume management features.


Intiva’s exclusive cryptocurrency offers rewards to users of Intiva incentivizing data sharing, engagement and purchasing within platform.


The platform offers an online marketplace of curated healthcare products and services including insurance, continuing education, publications, equipment and more.

Store, manage, and verify

Built on Swirld’s Hashgraph distributed ledger technology, Ready Doc™ is the first credential management solution to offer instant verification. Easily upload, verify, and share all of your documents and credentials from one place to speed up the granting of privileges.  Join the new standard of credential management and get to work faster.

Find new job opportunities

Browse, filter, and find new opportunities in your field. Simply upload your CV and apply for openings with one click. Our platform will track your applications and help you manage the process to filter out the noise.

Earn CMEs & CEs, free

We partner with industry leaders to offer a preeminent CME/CE library, including state required and MOC courses. Over 80% of our listings are free. Browse our library and start tracking your credits from our dashboard.

HIPAA compliant messaging

HIPAA compliant messaging, emailing, and document sharing for free. Manage digital PHI correspondence and streamline care team coordination. Our Connect feature lets you access and share patient records, submit lab orders, and connect with other providers.

Protect your livelihood

Intiva partners with industry leader Lloyds of London to offer the market’s most affordable cyber insurance. Calculate your exposure, get quoted, and bind your policy in a mere two minutes. It only takes a few clicks.

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